Serving Tape

Purpose This exercise is designed to help your players make their serves more consistent over the net . Setup Divide your team into two groups Have each group line up on a service

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Setting Up For Attack

Purpose To help players go from a defensive position immediately into attack formation which can be a difficult and confusing transition. Setup Divide your players into teams of 6 One team will start

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Deep Pass Volleyball Passing Drill

Deep Pass

Purpose To teach the principle of bumping the ball deep when you aren’t able to hit the ball into the opposing court. Setup Set-up three targets with cones on one side of the

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Three vs. The D

Purpose This is a great defensive drill that pits three hitters (and a setter) versus a full defense. Setup Set-up a defensive formation on one side of the net.Set-up 3 Hitters and 1

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Blocking Side Volleyball Blocking Side

Blocking Side

Purpose To help teach players the importance of angling their blocks to the inside of the court. This drill is designed to help your players identify which side they

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5 To Die

Purpose To force servers and receivers to challenge each other and perfect their technique used to perform each skill. Setup Set-up 3 players in back row positions on one side of the court

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Triangle Speed

Purpose To simulate the quick action a player will need during the course of any game. Setup Set-up two groups, one on each side of the net, lined up near the service line.Place

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Net Save Volleyball Passing and Setting Drill

Net Save

Purpose Saving the ball off the net is one skill that is good to teach and build for game situations. Setup Divide your players into two groups Set-up two lines, one on each

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Sardines Volleyball Serving Drill


Purpose This is a fun drill that helps players focus on ball control as well as working as a team to complete a task. Setup Divide your players into two teams, one on

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