short court volleyball serving drill

Short Court Serving Drill

Purpose This serving drill allows players to work on their fundamentals in a controlled environment. Setup Players will get into pairs.Each pair will have one ball.Players will then head to opposite sides of

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Serve and Shag Volleyball Serving Drill

Serve and Shag

Purpose To warm up the arms and work on technique all while helping to condition the body. Setup Divide your players into two groups, lining up on both serving linesGive each player a

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Serving Targets

Purpose To help players find the range needed to place the ball into certain areas of the court when they are serving. Setup Create one line of Servers on one side of the

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Serving Tape

Purpose This exercise is designed to help your players make their serves more consistent over the net . Setup Divide your team into two groups Have each group line up on a service

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5 To Die

Purpose To force servers and receivers to challenge each other and perfect their technique used to perform each skill. Setup Set-up 3 players in back row positions on one side of the court

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Sardines Volleyball Serving Drill


Purpose This is a fun drill that helps players focus on ball control as well as working as a team to complete a task. Setup Divide your players into two teams, one on

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Miss The Chairs

Purpose To help your players put opponents on their toes by being able to serve to certain areas or players with a weak serve receive. Setup Set-up 3 chairs or cones on the

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Inchworm Serving Drill

Purpose To focus on controlling the serve as well as anticipating the other side of the court. Setup Have all your players line up on the same service line to be Servers.They should

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Consecutive Serving

Purpose This drill focuses on controlling the body and aim in order to turn serving into an offensive weapon. Setup Have all the players line up on both serving linesGive each player

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