To help both servers and serve receivers work on their needed skills 

What You Need: 

  • Divide your team into two sides:
    • One will be Serve Receive
    • One will be a line of Servers
  • Give the Servers the balls

How It Works: 

  1. The Serve Receive side will organize into a normal formation
  2. The first Server in line will step up and complete a serve
  3. The Serve Receive team must field the ball and try and make a play back to the other side of the net
  4. Then the second Server completes a serve and the drill continues
  5. Complete at least 8-10 times

Results & Tips: 

  • You can make smaller teams and rotate them out or make a king of the court game out of it
  • If there are specific players that need more serve or serve receive practice, make sure to give them more time and repetitions
  • To start, help players understand the importance of getting the ball over the net on the serve, and making a good pass to the
    setter on serve reception
  • With time, this will help both sides work on essential skills of serving and serve reception