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Purpose A game to provide the players with some extra fun while they continue to develop and polish their passing skills. Setup Enough balls for each group of players to use 1.Group your

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Miss The Chairs

Purpose To help your players put opponents on their toes by being able to serve to certain areas or players with a weak serve receive. Setup Set-up 3 chairs or cones on the

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Tip, Cross, Line

Purpose To help players get into a game-like mentality when they are required to hit, recover, and then immediately hit again. Setup Set-up two lines of attackers, one on each side of the

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Purpose To add variety in practicing passing skills with a focus on bumping and setting. Setup Separate your team into 3 groups.Each group will create a separate line starting at the 3 meter

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Shadow Blocking

Purpose This is designed as a quick tool to help players watch the attacker’s approach to be able to set the appropriate block. Setup Create 2 lines of players One line of Blockers

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Cover The Hitter

Purpose To teach players to be alert, to be aware of their surroundings, and to prepare to play a blocked attack. Setup Set-up 6 players on one side of the court. Set-up 3

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Keep It Up

Purpose This drill is designed to keep players on their toes and make them work for the extra passes. Setup Have your players line up in single file line near the back of

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Inchworm Serving Drill

Purpose To focus on controlling the serve as well as anticipating the other side of the court. Setup Have all your players line up on the same service line to be Servers.They should

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