The Ultimate Volleyball Drill Library

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Hit The Mat

Purpose To teach players to attack and aggressively place hits and to look when they are hitting. Setup Designate a coach or player in the Setter position with a cart of...

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Consecutive Serving

Purpose This drill focuses on controlling the body and aim in order to turn serving into an offensive weapon. Setup Have all the players line up on both serving lines Give...

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Find The Hole

Purpose To help attackers learn how to read the defense and recognize where to hit the ball. Setup Set-up 6 players on defense on one side of the court Divide the remaining...

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Call The Hitter

Purpose This is a great way for setters and hitters to work on their communication. Setup Set-up 3 Hitters at the attack line Set-up 1 Setter at the net Set-up 1 player or...

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Rally Scoring Game

Purpose Rally scoring is designed to get players to focus on making high percentage plays and eliminating sill, easily avoidable errors. Setup Each team will line up with 6...

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Around The World

Purpose To have your players focus on passing, setting, and footwork to further build their basic skills and abilities. Setup Clear the entire court. Set-up one line of...

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Angle Your Block

Purpose To help teach players the importance of angling their blocks to the inside of the court. Setup Divide your players into groups of 3. A coach or player on the opposite...

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Back Row Attacks

Purpose To encourage players to feel confident enough to attack from all positions on the court instead of just the front row. Setup Create 3 lines of players in the back...

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Over The Net

Purpose To help players learn to serve consistently and accurately. Setup Create two lines of players, one on each service line Give each player a ball or each side a group of...

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