Rally Scoring Game

Purpose Rally scoring is designed to get players to focus on making high percentage plays and eliminating silly, easily avoidable errors. Rally Scoring Game Setup Each team will line up with 6 players.Serving team

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Timing Drill

Purpose This drill gives players a chance to get comfortable timing and reacting to hitters with their blocks. Setup Coach will start at the net on the sideline, with a ball rack next

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Pass Marathon

Purpose To work on proper form for players when they are passing Setup Give each player a ball Have the players scatter across the court and stand about 3 yards away from the

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tennis ball throw volleyball attacking drill

Tennis Ball Throw

Purpose A great exercise to help players to continue to working on the technique of hitting the ball down. Setup Set-up 3-4 lines across the net Assign one coach or player to each

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Side to Sides Volleyball Conditioning Drill

Side To Sides

Purpose To help players improve their cutting, change of direction, quickness and jumping ability. Setup Set up one bounding box How it Works Put one foot on the side of the box and one foot

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Blocking Side Volleyball Blocking Side

Blocking Side

Purpose To help teach players the importance of angling their blocks to the inside of the court. This drill is designed to help your players identify which side they

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Shadow Blocking

Purpose This is designed as a quick tool to help players watch the attacker’s approach to be able to set the appropriate block. Setup Create 2 lines of players One line of Blockers

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slide block volleyball blocking drill

Slide Block

Purpose This drill will help players learn the proper place to set up blocks when a player approaches to attack. Setup Divide the your players into groups of 3Designate 1 group to be

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Angle Your Block

Purpose To help teach players the importance of angling their blocks to the inside of the court. Angle Your Block Setup Divide your players into groups of 3.A coach or player on the opposite

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