This drill gives players a chance to get comfortable timing and reacting to hitters with their blocks.


  • Coach will start at the net on the sideline, with a ball rack next to him
  • Player doing the blocking will start on the other side of the net
  • 3 defensive players will start down on their knees, spread out around the coach
Timing Drill Volleyball Blocking Drill

How it Works

  1. The player will jump once and block one time without the ball.
  2. The coach will throw the ball over the net.
  3. The player on the other side of the net will then attempt to block the ball with solid fundamentals.
  4. The defensive players will attempt to dig the ball up.
  5. The coach will throw another ball for the blocker.

Coaching Tips

  • On the block, if the defenders are unable to touch the ball, the blocker receives a +1, with a score of +2 allowing them to swap out and bring a new blocker in.
  • You can dial in on different single focuses: landing balanced, getting over the top, keeping the hands high.