To get players used to reaching and capturing the ball at the height of their approach and jump

What You Need:

  • Divide your players into two groups
  • Set-up two lines, one at each attack line
  • Have a coach near the net on each side

How It Works:

  1. The coach will slap the ball to signal for the first Attacker to get ready
  2. Then the coach will toss the ball in the air (simulating a set)
  3. The first Attacker in line will time the ball and use their standard approach
  4. Instead of hitting the ball they will jump and catch the ball at the peak of the jump
  5. Make sure each player gets the chance to complete this at least 3-5 times

Results & Tips:

  • This works on getting the right timing for an attack, and can be utilized as a warm up drill for practices or games
  • The peak height is at the point when your athlete is right after they’ve stopped rising and right before they start falling
  • As your players practice hitting the ball at their peak (a.k.a Apex), it increases the angle of descent of the ball and their chances for a kill