To help players learn and practice wiping their hits off of well placed blockers.


  • A blocking dummy or structure to hold above the net.
  • A designated Tosser or passer.
  • A line of Attackers.
Wipe Off Volleyball Attacking Drill

How it Works

  1. The Tosser throws the ball into play in the air near the net.
  2. The Blocker holds the dummy in place.
  3. The Attacker must approach the net, jump in the air, decide how and in what direction to hit and complete a successful hit.
  4. Make sure the Blocker changes positions and angles to give each one a unique and more game like feel.
  5. Complete until every player has been able to attack at least 8-10 times.

Coaching Tips

  • By learning the appropriate wrist snap, your players will have the two tools they need to become good hitters.
  • If the player cannot get the ball to the floor before it hits the wall, then they are not contacting with the proper wrist snap.
  • If they have too much wrist snap, the ball will go straight down to the floor and not hit the wall with enough force to come back so it can be hit again.