Here we give players a chance to work on hitting while coming in from off the net, so they can work on staying behind the ball and reaching high on their hitting shelf.


  • The offensive player will start just inside the middle of the baseline, with the rest of the offensive players in line a couple feet behind them.
  • 3 defensive players will set up next to each other on the far side of the court.
back court toss volleyball attacking drill

How it Works

  1. The coach on the offensive side of the court will lob a ball up in the air, aiming for it to land just inside the attack line.
  2. The player at the front of the line will run up, jump and hit the ball over the net.
  3. One of the three defenders will return the pass to the coach on their side.
  4. The hitter will head to the back of the line.
  5. The coach will pull another ball out of the ball rack, and lob it up for the next player in line.

Coaching Tips

  • Players should focus on maintaining good body balance, keeping the ball in front of you, finding the ball in line with their hitting hand, and reaching high.
  • Keep an eye on wasted motion – players should have their hands ready and going straight up, allowing them to get their hands up higher and get more power.