This is a drill where players get to work on both timing and footwork when

Step and Block Volleyball Blocking Drill


  • Defensive players will form a line in the middle of the far side of the court, just behind the attack line
  • Offensive players will form a line where the attack line and left sideline meet
  • One defensive player will start in front of the net


  1. With defensive player #2 already in position, defensive player #1 will step up to the net, the step over next to their teammate.
  2. The offensive player will take his approach step and jump as if spiking
    the ball.
  3. The defensive players will jump in unison, hands high attempting to block.
  4. The offensive player and defensive player #2 will go to the back off the
  5. Defensive player #1 will start at the net, and the drill will continue with the next players in line.

Coaching Tips

  • Before working this up to a 3 player drill, start with a single player just working on the step and block footwork.
  • That footwork is as follows: start with the outside foot, step to the outside, then crossover step, plant, and go up.
  • Next we will add in outside blocker, giving players a chance to work on timing their jumps and blocking in unison with a teammate.
  • Blockers should communicate – calling out 1-2 up on their steps and jump.
  • The final phase of this drill is to add in an attacker, now forcing the blockers to adjust to the attackers approach and get in the correct position.