This is designed to help players work on attacking from the back row

What You Need:

  • Field a full side of players, and have them in their regular serve, attack, or receive positions
  • Place one server on the other side

How It Works:

  1. The Server will serve the ball over the net
  2. The Receiver will pass the ball to the Setter
  3. The Setter with call out a back row player and place a high set up in the air
  4. The back row player will run to the net completing a proper attack, hitting the ball back over the net
  5. Rotate players in to the varying positions and make sure every player gets a chance to complete a back row hit

Results & Tips:

  • Watch for proper back row approach and hit, along with a set of the right height
  • A back row attack is a great way to change the pace of a game, and to add a few different tricks to your team strategy
  • Improving the back row attack game is also going to help you round out the attack capabilities of your team