To allow your team more time practicing with serving, bumping, and setting the ball in a more game-like situation

What You Need:

  • Designate 2-3 players to be Servers
  • Give the Setters 3-5 balls
  • Divide your remaining players into two groups – Passers and Setters

How It Works:

  1. To start the first Server will serve the ball over the net
  2. The first Passer must react to where the ball is going and get in position to bump the ball to the first Setter
  3. Then the first Setter sets the ball into the air
  4. Have the Passers and Setters rotate lines and then the next Server starts the next rotation
  5. Make sure that each player gets multiple opportunities to be both a Passer and a Setter

Results & Tips:

  • This will help develop the basics for an offensive set-up and will reinforce fundamental bumping and setting skills
  • To make it more difficult, you can move the Setter around the court, forcing the Passer to get their body in a position to direct the pass to a particular place for the Setter to get