Condition good serving technique to improve serving accuracy 

What You Need: 

  • Have all players line up on both sides of the net at the attack line 
  • Give each player a ball

How It Works: 

  1. On the whistle, each player will serve from the attack line
  2. As they serve they should practice their form and technique
  3. Once they get 5 good serves over the net, they can take a step back and continue serving
  4. Players keep going, taking one step back after 5 good serves, until they find where they are comfortable serving

Results & Tips: 

  • This drill is about good technique; If a player cannot get the ball over the net, try and correct them or have them step closer to the net
  • Using the correct form may not be comfortable for some players who have grown comfortable serving their own way, but in the end it will help them advance to becoming better servers