To mentally challenge the players and put them under simulated pressure while helping improve serving technique 

What You Need: 

  • Two Servers one on either side of the net at the serving line, give each one at least four balls
  • The rest of the team lined up outside the court 

How It Works:

  1. On the whistle, both Servers will start serving
  2. Meanwhile, the remaining players not serving will run laps around the court
  3. Each Server will keep serving until they reach 5 good serves that land in-bounds on the other side of the court
  4. If a Server misses a serve, take away one of their made serves
  5. Once a Server completes 5 good serves, they are replaced with another player
  6. Continue until every player has served 5 good serves

Results & Tips: 

  • This drill not only forces players to try their hardest each serve to help end the running faster, but also forces them to perform well even when tired
  • This can be turned into an advanced drill by having the Servers serve to certain spots on the court