This drill is designed to help players react quickly to where the ball is going

What You Need:

  • Assign 2-3 Servers to one side of the court
  • Give each Server a few balls
  • One person will be the Target near the net
  • Create a line of Passers on the other side

How It Works:

  1. The first Passer will start at mid court with their back to the net
  2. On the coaches whistle, the Server will serve the ball over the net
  3. When the Passer hears the ball being struck by the Server they can turn around
  4. They must react to where the ball is being served, get into position, and make a good pass to the Target near the net
  5. The next player in line becomes the Passer, the Passer becomes the Target, and the Target goes to the back of the line
  6. Complete this exercise until each player has had at least 3-5 chances to react and pass the ball

Results & Tips:

  • As this is practiced you will see improved awareness and quick reactions among your team
  • This simulates the reaction your players will need to defend against quick attacks and it requires that players get into position to defend quickly
  • You can have two groups going at the same time if you place Servers and Passers on both sides of the court