This is great practice to emphasize proper technique and reinforce good control when passing

What You Need:

  • Divide your players into groups of two
  • Make sure that each player is matched with someone at a similar skill level
  • Give each pair a ball

How It Works:

  1. The first player will toss the ball to their partner
  2. The second player then passes the ball directly up in the air to themselves
  3. Then they make any pass they desire to their partner (bump, set, spike, etc.)
  4. Then the first player receives the ball and passes it directly up in to their to themselves
  5. Then they make any pass they desire back to their partner (bump, set, spike, etc.)
  6. This continues until each pair has completed 10 consecutive passes

Results & Tips:

  • Players will find increased concentration and focus as they continue to practice and use this drill
  • To make this drill more simple you can lower the number of required consecutive passes or just set a time limit and have each pair see how many consecutive passes they can get within that time frame