Dig and Dash Volleyball Passing and Setting Drill

Dig and Dash

Purpose To develop quick reaction and quick feet which makes all fundamental volleyball movements easier. Setup Divide your players into two groups.Set-up two lines, one in each corner.Stand near the net with two

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Deep Pass Volleyball Passing Drill

Deep Pass

Purpose To teach the principle of bumping the ball deep when you aren’t able to hit the ball into the opposing court. Setup Set-up three targets with cones on one side of the

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Harass The Passer

Purpose To help players learn how to deal with outside distractions so they don’t foul up on a play. Setup Assign 2-3 Servers to one side of the court.Give each Server a few

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Keep It Up

Purpose This drill is designed to keep players on their toes and make them work for the extra passes. Setup Have your players line up in single file line near the back of

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M Passing

Purpose For both passers and setters to utilize movement and proper positioning at a quicker pace. Setup Divide your players into two even groups.Each group will run the drill on one side of

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3 Station Passing

Purpose This drill is designed to be a quick tool that forces players to get into position in three separate places on the court. 3 Station Passing Setup Divide your players into two groups.

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