table top volleyball passing drill

Table Top

Purpose To give players the opportunity to learn or sharpen the fundamentals of a good pass Setup Enough balls for each group of players to use 1Partner off your players into pairs of

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Around The World

Purpose To have your players focus on passing, setting, and footwork to further build their basic skills and abilities. Around The World Setup Clear the entire court.Set-up one line of players on any outside

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Rally Scoring Game

Purpose Rally scoring is designed to get players to focus on making high percentage plays and eliminating silly, easily avoidable errors. Rally Scoring Game Setup Each team will line up with 6 players.Serving team

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pass set volleyball passing drill

Pass Set Drill +20

Purpose This drill will drive home the importance of making a good pass to the setter and getting into your offense. Setup 8 players will start on the court – 4 on each

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Volleyball Defensive Progression Drill

Defensive Progression

Purpose The defensive progression allows us to focus on individual skill development, allowing the whole team to get plenty of reps. Setup Players will pair up, and form two lines, 10-15 feet apart,

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Dig and Dash Volleyball Passing and Setting Drill

Dig and Dash

Purpose To develop quick reaction and quick feet which makes all fundamental volleyball movements easier. Setup Divide your players into two groups.Set-up two lines, one in each corner.Stand near the net with two

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Deep Pass Volleyball Passing Drill

Deep Pass

Purpose To teach the principle of bumping the ball deep when you aren’t able to hit the ball into the opposing court. Setup Set-up three targets with cones on one side of the

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Harass The Passer

Purpose To help players learn how to deal with outside distractions so they don’t foul up on a play. Setup Assign 2-3 Servers to one side of the court.Give each Server a few

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Keep It Up

Purpose This drill is designed to keep players on their toes and make them work for the extra passes. Setup Have your players line up in single file line near the back of

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