Passing progression is a drill we use to get players loose and allow them to
work on their passing fundamentals in a controlled environment.

volleyball passing progression drill


  • The whole team can get in on this drill.
  • Split them off into two lines – one on each sideline, facing each other.
  • A player at the front of one of the lines will begin with the ball.


  1. The player at the front of the line with a ball will toss the ball in front of his teammate on the opposite sideline, then print to the back of his line.
  2. The player receiving the pass will step into the court, passing the ball back across the court to the next player om the opposite line, before returning to the back of his line.
  3. The next player will step up and pass the ball back across the court, with the drill continuing in this fashion for 2-3 minutes.

Coaching Tips

  • You should always have a single focus that the players can focus on working on one at a time: finding the perfect spot on their midline, bringing the platform out early, working on the same trajectory height every time.
  • Work on each point of focus for about 2-3 minutes, then switch to the next.
  • We bring them in off the sideline so that they get comfortable passing as they run into the ball.