For this drill, we want to get players comfortable with the sprint up and stepping into the pass while still being able to pass to a teammate under control.

run through volleyball passing drill


  • 3 Players/Coaches will help run the drill; Helper #1 will line up inside the attack line on the near side
  • Helper #2 will set up on the far attack line with a ball
  • Helper #3 will line up next to the net, as the passer
  • The rest of the players will line up at the cone in Figure 2, where the sideline and baseline meet


  1. Helper #3 (Figure 1) will lob the ball into the middle of the court.
  2. Player #1 will sprint to the ball and pass to the helper in front of the net,
    then return to the back of the line.
  3. Helper #2 will give #3 another ball, who will then lob it into the middle of
    the court for the next player in line, with the drill continuing on like this for 2-3 minutes.

Coaching Tips

  • Great drill for helping kids get in motion to the ball and get their
    platform up early.
  • Players need to keep their knees bent all the way through the drill.
  • Players should focus on letting the ball hit their spot and bounce off –
    they don’t need to pop at the ball.
  • Figure 1 displays the drill run from position 1, but you can run this drill from anywhere on the court – middle of the baseline and the other corner should also get plenty of reps.