To give players the chance to practice reacting and moving to the ball so that they have more game-like experience


  • Divide the players into two separate lines
  • Each line needs a coach and 2-3 balls


  1. The coach will toss the ball up, either to the right or the left, at varying heights.
  2. Each player in front of the line must shuffle and get into position underneath the ball in order to execute the proper pass.
  3. Make sure each player gets a chance to return a pass a minimum of 3-5 times.
  4. Remind your players that this will help them develop the proper footwork and passing technique to be able to perform well in games.

Coaching Tips

  • This builds upon the previous basic skill of creating the table top. Not only will they be able to create the flat surface, but they will learn to do it while on the move.
  • To make it more competitive and fun you can do a relay race with each line to see which can have all the players complete a proper pass first.