This next drill gives players a chance to get plenty of reps and allow the coach to evaluate and correct mistakes
and improve fundamentals.


  • 2 Coaches, 1 on each side of the court, halfway up the sideline with a full ball cart.
  • 8 players, 4 on each side of the court – 2 up by the net at the right sideline, and 2 in the back court by the right sideline.
  • The rest of the players will split into two and line up on each basline.


  1. To begin, a coach will lob the ball to the player #1 (Figure 1) on the opposite side of the court.
  2. Player #1 will pass to player #3.
  3. Player #3 will catch the ball, and give it to player #4.
  4. Each player will slide down one spot, with a new player joining from the line and with player #4 coming out of the
    drill and dropping the ball off in the ball rack.
  5. Drill will continue like so, with both coaches throwing passes concurrently for anywhere from 6-12 minutes.

Coaching Tips

  • Whether you run this drill for 6 minutes or 12 minutes, you’ll want to choose a different specific focus for each 2 minutes before moving on to the next one.
  • Possible specific focuses include:  finding perfect spot on your midline for the ball, getting platform up early, wide base, working on run through plays, angling the ball to the target, communication – anything passing related that you want to work on.
  • Bringing in the extra passer – even though they won’t be passing – allows our players to get comfortable playing in a crowd.