Target Hitting Volleyball Attacking Drill

Target Hitting

Purpose To provide your players with practice in hitting balls to specific targets on the court. Setup Set-up 3 chairs or cones on one side of the court Create 2 lines of players

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Wall Work Volleyball Attacking Drill

Wall Work Drill

Purpose A drill designed to get players a chance to improve individual skills by getting a high number of reps. Can also be done alone, at home. Setup Players should find a spot

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Volleyball Defensive Progression Drill

Defensive Progression

Purpose The defensive progression allows us to focus on individual skill development, allowing the whole team to get plenty of reps. Setup Players will pair up, and form two lines, 10-15 feet apart,

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Hourglass Attack

Purpose Saving the ball off the net is one skill that is good to teach and build for game situations. Setup Divide your players into teams of three.Designate a Power Hitter, Offside Hitter

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Find The Hole

Purpose To help attackers learn how to read the defense and recognize where to hit the ball. Setup Set-up 6 players on defense on one side of the court Divide the remaining players

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Corner Tip

Purpose To encourage players to tip the ball to certain uncovered areas of the court. Corner Tip Setup Place baskets (clothes baskets work) inside the four corners of the attack lines.Divide your team into

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