A great exercise to help players to continue to working on the technique of hitting the ball down.


  • Set-up 3-4 lines across the net
  • Assign one coach or player to each line
  • 6-12 tennis balls

How it Works

  1. On the whistle, the first Attacker in each line will step to the attack line.
  2. The coach or player will hand them a tennis ball.
  3. The Attacker will then start their standard approach to the net.
  4. Once the Attacker jumps in the air they must throw the tennis ball (simulating the motion of hitting a volleyball).
  5. Have the Attacker chase down their tennis ball and then get in the back of the line.
  6. Make sure each player gets 3-5 chances to complete a throw.

Coaching Tips

  • Remind players to pick their spots on the court when throwing the tennis ball to make this as close to a hitting simulation as possible.
  • Proper technique for hitting/throwing should be to bring the ball back, keep their elbows high, and on the follow through, they need to snap the wrist and drive the ball down.