To help players get into a game-like mentality when they are required to hit, recover, and then immediately hit again.


  1. Set-up two lines of attackers, one on each side of the net.
  2. Place a setter or coach with each line.
Tip Cross Line Volleyball Attacking Drill

How it Works

  1. The coach will toss the ball in the air or the setter will set the ball in the air.
  2. Each attacker will complete three hits – one cross-court hit, one sideline hit, and one corner tip.
  3. The coach or setter will do all three hits with the same attacker before moving onto the next atttacker.
  4. Once the first hit is done, the attacker must land, retreat to their defensive position, and the immediately move back into attack to hit the next ball.
  5. Make sure each player gets the opportunity to complete this drill at least 2-3 times.

Coaching Tips

  • This helps players get a taste of making an attack and then retreating off the net for tip coverage or other defensive responsibilities.
  • Make sure this drill is done continuously and that players move from attack to retreat to attack.