To provide your players with practice in hitting balls to specific targets on the court.


  • Set-up 3 chairs or cones on one side of the court
  • Create 2 lines of players on the opposite side of the court
  • A coach will start at the net with a ball
Target Hitting Volleyball Attacking Drill

How it Works

  1. The coach will toss the ball up at the net to one line of players.
  2. The first player in line will do a proper approach and complete a hit, hitting the ball to one of the targets.
  3. Then the coach will toss a ball to the other line.
  4. The first player in the second line will approach the net and hit the ball over the net to one of the targets.
  5. Continue and cycle through until each player has had the opportunity to hit the ball to each of the three targets.

Coaching Tips

  • Players will gain a little more variety in their hits and more repetitions when perfecting their hitting technique.
  • You might also consider having some of your more adept hitters going from the left side of the court.
  • Proper approach, proper reach and contact points, and angling the body in the direction of the hit are essential to perform this drill properly.