Rally scoring is designed to get players to focus on making high percentage plays and eliminating silly, easily avoidable errors.

Rally Scoring Game Volleyball Drill
Rally Scoring Game


  • Each team will line up with 6 players.
  • Serving team will need a ball to start.


  1. Player will serve the ball to the other team.
  2. They will return the serve, attempting to get in their offense and attack the defense.
  3. This will continue until there is a dead ball, with winning team continuing to serve.

Coaching Tips

  • The goal here is to keep all your hits in the court – you can set goals, like no errors before your team has gotten to 3 points.
  • This will force players to asses if they are truly in a position to attack – they’re off balance and out of position, they should go with a more conservative pass, but if they’re in the perfect situation with a great set, they should blast away.
  • It can also be a good idea to put a rule in that you can’t get any scoring errors until your at +5 on the score.
  • You can penalize these errors however you see fit, whether that’s -1, or -2 points for those early errors.