This drill is similar to 3 on 3 tactics, except now we bring in a full court of defenders. The emphasis is again on staying in base position and reading the ball from there.


  • Each team will begin with 6 players
  • 1 Coach will remain on the sideline with a couple balls

How it Works

  1. Coach will lob a serve to the offense, who will then try to pass to the setter and get a 1st kill.
  2. The defense will then have to return the pass, attempting to continue the rally.
  3. The drill will continue with the lob coming into the offense and the defense rallying – if the defense can get 3 points in a row they win the drill.

Coaching Tips

  • This is a tough drill on the defense, because the offense will almost always be coming out of their offense.
  • The defensive focus is making proper defensive moves, whereas the offense is working on getting that 1st kill.
  • See if outside hitters are facing angle or facing line.
  • Make sure your front row is getting back to their base position behind the 3 meter lane.