To provide an opportunity for your players to work on their reaction abilities and skills

turn and dig volleyball tactical drill


  • Divide your players into four groups
  • Each group will have one player at the net and the a line of remaining players in the back court
  • The first back court player will start with their back to the net


  1. To start the player at the net will slap the ball and then tip it over the net.
  2. The first back court player must turn around, locate the ball, and complete a proper dig.
  3. They must complete 10 successful digs before switching to another player.
  4. Make sure that each player gets the opportunity to be in the back court and complete the digs.

Coaching Tips

  • This is a great way to help train your players reaction and ball awareness.
  • Sometimes players could get confused if each group is slapping the ball at different times so you may consider using a whistle and having each player tip the ball on the whistle.