The 3 on 3 tactics drill’s focus is getting players comfortable attacking
from their base position, working and communicating together as a unit in a competitive environment.


  • 8 players will start on the court – a setter on each side, along with three hitters.
  • A coach will stand by the left sideline with a ball rack.


  1. The coach will lob a serve over to the near side of the court.
  2. The team will then work to pass to the setter and hit off the set.
  3. The defense will attempt to return the ball, working on the same tactics.
  4. Winner of the point moves over to the far side of the court, with the next
    group of 3 coming in on the near side.
  5. Coach will throw in another serve to the near side and continue the drill.

Coaching Tips

  • Outside hitters base position is behind the attack line by the sideline,
    with the middle back in the center of the court.
    • This position allows them to be ready for any dumps offs from the setter.
    • Winners will always move to the far side, with a group securing the win on the drill if they get 3 points in a row.
    • To make the drill more difficult, set it up so a point can only be award to your team if you’ve touched the ball.