To focus more on the reactionary abilities of your team and players.


  • Divide your players into four groups
  • Each group will have one player at the net and the a line of remaining players in the back court
  • The first back court player will start with their back to the net
dip and tip recover volleyball tactical drill

How it Works

  1. To start the player at the net will slap the ball and then hit it over the net.
  2. The first back court player must turn around, locate the ball, and complete a proper dig.
  3. Then the player at the net will play a tip ball.
  4. The back court player must recover and hit a second dig.
  5. After 10 double digs a player is done and a new player can rotate in.

Coaching Tips

  • Digging a hard spiked ball takes a different reaction than digging a tipped ball; one puts you back on your heels and the other one puts you on your toes; that’s why this drill is important.
  • It is an essential drill for good transition and for good reaction to real situations that occur during the game.