A great opportunity for your players to get more repetitions of hits

What You Need:

  • Designate one player as a Passer
  • Designate one player as a Setter
  • Divide the rest of the team into two lines as Hitters
  • Coach will start near the net with a ball

How It Works:

  1. The coach will toss the ball to the Passer
  2. The Passer will then bump the ball to the Setter
  3. The Setter will then set the ball up to the line of Hitters
  4. The first player in line will complete a hit to the other side of the court
  5. Work until each line can get 10 consecutive successful hits in a row without a single failed hit

Results & Tips:

  • This is a great time for coaches to watch their hitters and help them on specific areas of hitting properly
  • Make sure you instruct your players on these three things – don’t touch the net, the ball must hit the opposite side of the court, the ball cannot be bumped – hitters must hit
  • You can make this more competitive by having two lines compete against each other