To help your players learn good ball control and concentration as well as a team focus for good setting.

Walking Setters Volleyball Setting Drill
Back Row Attacks


  • Divide your players into two groups
  • Place one group on each side of the court
  • Give each group 3-5 balls


  1. The first player in line will start setting their ball in the air and walking forward underneath it to the other side of the court.
  2. Once they reach the far side they will continue setting while they shuffle sideways for about 10 feet.
  3. Then they will transition to setting backwards and will walk backwards back to the starting side of the court.
  4. Once they reach the other side they will shuffle sideways once more for another 10 feel while they continue to set the ball.
  5. Then they will finish near the net, setting continuously while walking back to the far side of the court.
  6. Once the first player has reach the far side of the court the second player in line can go.
  7. Make sure each player gets the opportunity to complete this drill at least 2-3 times.

Coaching Tips

  • Players will develop greater control and concentration as they try to keep their sets in the air while they are walking forward,
    backward and shuffling