To simulate the quick action a player will need during the course of any game.


  • Set-up two groups, one on each side of the net, lined up near the service line.
  • Place a coach or player near the net with a basket of balls.
Triangle Speed Volleyball Tactical Drill

How it Works

  1. The coach will spike the ball to the first player in line.
  2. The player will make a good pass back towards the net.
  3. Then the coach will toss a ball to middle court.
  4. The player will run and complete a middle hit.
  5. Then the player shuffles sideways towards the net and goes up for a block.
  6. Then the coach throws a ball toward the sideline (simulating a tip).
  7. The player must complete a 180 degree turn and dive to make a hit on the “tipped ball”.
  8. 8. Once the first player has completed all the hits the next player begin.

Coaching Tips

  • This drill simulates the type of game play a player might expect during a game: pass the ball, prepare to hit, make a block and dive to recover a tip.
  • It will definitely build the quickness and agility of your players.
  • You can increase the difficulty by making the triangle bigger and having offside hits or power hits before having to make the tip recover.