To help players learn the basic importance of getting three hits to put together an attack.


  • Divide your players into groups of 3.
  • One coach with a call will stand on the service line.
Three Hits Volleyball Tactical Drill

How it Works

  1. The coach will toss the ball into play to the Passer.
  2. The Passer will bump the ball to the Setter.
  3. The Setter will set the ball to the Attacker.
  4. The Attacker will then complete a successful hit over the net.
  5. Have each player rotate so that they get to play each position.
  6. Make sure each group of 3 players gets the opportunity to complete the drill 2-3 times.

Coaching Tips

  • For younger players this drill helps get them familiar with getting three proper hits.
  • For more experienced players this can help teams perfect their attack set-up and proper three hit communication.