To help tighten up the defense so that your team can close defensive gaps in an efficient manner.

team communication volleyball tactical drill


  • A coach on the referee podium with a ball.
  • Set a group of players in a serve receive, defensive position.


  1. The coach will throw the ball into play by tossing it into an open gap between players.
  2. The players nearest the ball must communicate to cover the open area where the ball is going.
  3. The players should field the ball and hit it over the net.
  4. The coach will toss another ball into play into a new hole.
  5. Rotate players as needed.

Coaching Tips

  • Team communication can avoid so many lost points, over time you should see better performance on the court for your team
    with good communication.
  • Encourage active communication and have the players encourage their teammates as well.