To help your team improve and perfect the accuracy and consistency of their serves.


  • Divide your players into groups of 6
  • Place 3 targets on one side of the court
  • One short middle – One in the back right corner – One in the back left corner

How it Works

  1. On the whistle have the first group of 6 players start serving.
  2. Each player will complete a total of 10 serves and should try and hit each one of the three targets:
    a) For every target that isn’t hit out of the 10 serves, that player will do one set of lines
    b) For every time the ball doesn’t go over the net, that player will do two sets of lines
  3. Rotate players individually or the entire group depending on how quickly each player finishes.

Coaching Tips

  • With a rally point system, missed serves give up crucial points and coaches need to emphasize the importance of serving.
  • Any good coach will focus on building the fundamentals of serving – good contact, good trajectory, good toss, and follow through.
  • Serving is one area that players and teams can always perfect and improve so don’t overlook it.