This exercise is designed to help your players make their serves more consistent over the net .


  • Divide your team into two groups
  • Have each group line up on a service line
  • Tape a line from antenna to antenna so that it is about 3 feet above the net
Serving Tape Volleyball Serving Drill

How it Works

  1. On the whistle, have each group start serving the ball.
  2. Every time a ball goes over the taped line or hits the line or hits the net, the player has to do fingertip pushups.
  3. Every time a ball goes in between the tape and the net, that group gets one point.
  4. The first group to 10 points wins and the other team has to do finger tip pushups.

Coaching Tips

  • Fingertip pushups help develop good hand strength, if you coach younger players you may just have them do regular pushups or fingertip planks.
  • This drill will continue to help your players develop their ability to serve effectively.
  • Encourage your players to stay in control and use proper form when serving.