To focus on controlling the serve as well as anticipating the other side of the court.


  1. Have all your players line up on the same service line to be Servers.
  2. They should all have a ball and a basket of extra balls.
  3. Designate one player or coach to be at the opposite service line to be the Inchworm.
Inchworm Volleyball Serving Drill

How it Works

  1. The lone player or coach (Inchworm) will slowly move along the service line to a side line.
  2. The Servers will all be trying to hit the Inchworm.
  3. Once the Inchworm reaches the side line they will zig-zag back and forth between the two side-lines, moving at a slow pace, towards the net.
  4. The Inchworm is not allowed to stop moving but may reach out to touch a served ball.
  5. The Servers will join the Inchworm once they hit them.
  6. Continue until everyone has succeeded in hitting an Inchworm player.

Coaching Tips

  • This can also be turned into a competition by having opposing sides form an inchworm • It is important for teammates to cheer on the remaining servers to encourage and help them hear which direction to sever in.