To help players go from a defensive position immediately into attack formation which can be a difficult and confusing transition.


  • Divide your players into teams of 6
  • One team will start on each side of the net in the defensive position
  • A coach will start in the middle at the net

How it Works

  1. On the whistle, players must transition from their defensive position into attack position.
  2. Hitters need to get inside the attack line ready to hit, the Hitter closest to the coach attacks the net.
  3. Setters need to get to the net ready to receive a pass.
  4. The back row needs to transition based on which Hitter moves forward.
  5. On a second whistle the teams will transition back into the defensive positions.
  6. The coach should move along the net and blow the whistle several times to keep players moving.

Coaching Tips

  • Going from defense to offense is sometimes considered more difficult than even going from offense back to defense so it’s important that you spend time working on these transition movements and skills.
  • With time and repetition, these types of transition movements will become habits and instinctual in your players which is the ultimate goal.