To help players find the range needed to place the ball into certain areas of the court when they are serving.


  • Create one line of Servers on one side of the court
  • Tape off three target areas on the other side
  • One in the back left corner
  • One in the back right corner
  • One in the center of the court
Serving Targets Volleyball Serving Drill

How it Works

  1. The first Server will step up and start serving.
  2. They will complete as many serves as it takes to serve a ball into all three of the targets.
  3. Every time they serve the ball out of bounds or into the net they have to go back to the last target they hit and hit that one again.
  4. Make sure each player gets a chance to complete this drill.

Coaching Tips

  • This requires your athletes to focus on serving it accurately and properly so that they can do so in games.
  • As your team does this drill make sure to emphasize the importance of encouraging their team mates while they are shagging balls, watching or aren’t serving.
  • Occasionally you may get a player that has a hard time and takes a long time, be patient and encouraging and help them focus so that they can complete the drill.