To reinforce players to hustle to the ball and still get it to target while staying on their feet.

run throughs volleyball tactical drill


  • Create 1 line of players at the back right hand corner of the court
  • Have half the team out around the court as Shaggers
  • Designate one player as Target
  • The coach will start at the net with a cart of balls


  1. To begin the drill, the coach will slap the ball
  2. The first player in line will run forward, staying low
  3. The coach will throw the ball to the center of the court
  4. The first player will hustle to the ball and pass it to Target
  5. The second player in line will follow as soon as the coach begins to toss the ball
  6. The group will go through three times and then switch with the Shaggers

Coaching Tips

  • Emphasize that players should hustle and stay on their feet
  • Make sure players are running through and not stopping to pass the ball