This drill is designed to help your players implement and understand the basics of defensive formations.

Prepare to Defend Volleyball Tactical Drill
Prepare to Defend


  • Divide your players into teams of 6.
  • One team will start on each side of the net in the attack position.
  • A coach will start in the middle at the net.


  1. To start the drill, the coach will move to an area along the net.
  2. Where the coach stops is where the attack is coming from.
  3. Each team will adjust from into a defensive position based on where the coach stops.
  4. The coach will move to another area along the net.
  5. The teams will adjust into the proper defensive positions again.
  6. This should continue several times and if you have more than two teams of 6, rotate in new teams every few minutes.

Coaching Tips

  • With practice, players will learn their responsibilities on the court and recognize where they are supposed to be based on the attack.
  • This will help your players perform better on defense.