This drill forces players to work on ball control when serving and passing.

Butterfly Volleyball Serving Drill
Butterfly Serving Drill


  • Create 2 lines of Servers, one on each side of the court
  • Give each side 5+ balls
  • Create 2 lines of Passers, one in the back left position on each side of the court
  • Designate 1 Target on each side starting near the net


  1. On the whistle, the Servers will serve at the opposing side’s Passer.
  2. The Passer will receive the serve and will pass the ball to the Target.
  3. The Target will shag the ball and then go to the back of the serving line on their same side of the court.
  4. Once a player serves, they will go around the net to the opposing side’s passing line.
  5. The Passer becomes the next Target 6. Each player must get two passes to the Target from each side of the court.

Coaching Tips

  • Be sure to define to your players what counts as a good pass to Target.
  • Make sure the servers are still challenging the passers and not just serving directly to them.