To teach players to attack and aggressively place hits and to look when they are hitting.

Hit The Mat Tactical Volleyball Drill


  • Designate a coach or player in the Setter position with a cart of balls.
  • Set-up 1 line of Hitters starting on the left side position at the attack line.
  • Set-up 3 mats or targets on the other side of the court.
  • Strategically place them where you want your team to hit the ball.


  1. On the whistle, the Setter will toss a ball to the first hitter in line.
  2. The Hitter will attack and hit the ball, aiming for the mats on the opposing side of the net.
  3. Once a player hits, they will go shag their ball, place it in the cart or by the coach, and get in the back of the line.
  4. As a team, the Hitters need to get 5 solid hits to each spot on the court.
  5. A hit out of bounds will count against the team as minus 1 point.
  6. Once they reach 5 on each target, move the targets or move the hitting line to the middle and then to the right side.

Coaching Tips

  • To add extra challenge, have the players attempt to get 5 good hits on each target within a certain time limit.
  • Make sure the players are using correct form as they attack the net and hit.