To develop quick reaction and quick feet which makes all fundamental volleyball movements easier.


  • Divide your players into two groups.
  • Set-up two lines, one in each corner.
  • Stand near the net with two additional players (shaggers).
Dig and Dash Volleyball Passing Setting Drill

How it Works

  1. The coach will first start this drill by hitting the ball down to one of the lines.
  2. The player must dig the ball and bump it back up to the players next to the coach (who shag the balls).
  3. Once they dig the ball, the player will sprint to the other side of the net.
  4. The coach will flip or toss the ball to the other side of the net (simulating a tip) and the player must block it or tip it back over.
  5. The coach will alternate sides, the player will become a shagger, and the shagger will go to the back of the line.
  6. Rotate through so that every player gets the chance to complete the drill from both sides at least 1-2 times.

Coaching Tips

  • This is a great quickness drill that is not only going to work on the proper form for passes, but the quick reaction that is necessary to field errant balls, even when they go astray.
  • Remind players to focus on being in proper position for a good dig and make sure they don’t just try and get the ball up high so that they can run to the other side of the net.