This drill focuses on controlling the body and aim in order to turn serving into an offensive weapon.

Consecutive Serving Volleyball Serving Drill


  • Have all the players line up on both serving lines
  • Give each player a ball
  • Designate 3-4 targets on each side of the court


  1. On the whistle, all players will start serving.
  2. They need to serve 10 balls into the designated targets, chosen by the coach.
  3. 3 of the serves should be inside the attack line.
  4. 5 of the balls have to be served consecutively.

Coaching Tips

  • This gets the players using the serve as a tool to score points in a game and strategically placing a ball rather than serving just to get it over the net.
  • Add a punishment for the last two people to finish their serves.
  • Make sure the balls are all below antenna height for the best results.