This is a great way for setters and hitters to work on their communication.

Call The Hitter Volleyball Setting Drill


  • Set-up 3 Hitters at the attack line
  • Set-up 1 Setter at the net
  • Set-up 1 player or coach in the back court


  1. The person in the back court will toss or pass the ball to the Setter.
  2. The Setter will call out the name of one of the Hitters and will set the ball in that direction.
  3. The called out Hitter will approach the net, get into position, and complete a proper hit sending the ball over the net.
  4. Continue this cycle until each of the Hitters have had several chances to hit the ball.
  5. Rotate your Setters as needed.

Coaching Tips

  • Communication between team members is crucial and needs to be mastered at all levels.
  • Once your team understands the basics and communication piece, you can add blockers so the Setter has to read the defense to set up the right attack, and the Hitters have to make the right hit to get the ball over the net.
  • Although most offenses at higher levels will pre-determine the hit their team is going to go for during the play, sometimes a change of plan is necessary and your players will have to react to the situations on the which requires good communication between the setters and attacker.