To help your players learn and practice the importance of defensive anticipation

blind ralley volleyball tactical drill


  • Divide your players into two equal sides, one on each side of the court
  • Place a large sheet or tarp over the net, it should cover ¼ to ½ the net


  1. The coach will throw a ball into play on one side of the court.
  2. That team must field the ball and hit it over to the other side.
  3. The other team must field the hit and rally the ball back to the other side.
  4. They will continue to play a normal game of volleyball, keeping rally scoring.
  5. The first to 11 wins.

Coaching Tips

  • Many players watch the ball and react too late to what the other team is doing.
  • By watching the play and where the ball is headed, and seeing the attackers get into position, the defensive players need to ‘guess’ where the ball might go from the position and direction of the players involved.
  • Using this drill, your players will be able to build their anticipation skills and give themselves an edge over their opponents.