To encourage players to feel confident enough to attack from all positions on the court instead of just the front row.

Back Row Attacks Volleyball Drill
Back Row Attacks


  • Create 3 lines of players in the back court.
  • Designate 1 Setter near the net.
  • One coach in the back court with a cart of balls.


  1. To start the drill a coach will toss a ball to the Setter near the net.
  2. The Setter will set the ball to one of the players.
  3. The player will attack the ball aggressively hitting it over the net.
  4. The coach will toss another ball to the Setter and the cycle continues.
  5. The Setter should mix up the sets randomly so that all players must be ready to hit at all times.
  6. Each player should get to attack the ball at least 10 times from each of the varying positions.

Coaching Tips

  • By encouraging players to attack from the back row, your team can better mix up the offense and confuse the opposing team during games.
  • Help your players understand the importance of timing of the approach, it is different than attacking in the front ro.