To have your players focus on passing, setting, and footwork to further build their basic skills and abilities.

Around The World Volleyball Passing Drill
Around The World


  • Clear the entire court.
  • Set-up one line of players on any outside corner of the court between the attack line and back line.
  • Set-up 3 tossers on each side of the net, these can be coaches and players.


  1. The first player will move inside the court and return the tossed ball back to the first tosser with a BUMP pass.
  2. Then they will shuffle sideways and receive a toss from the second tosser, returning it with a SET pass.
  3. Then they will shuffle sideways and return another tossed ball to the third tosser with another BUMP pass.
  4. They will then run outside the court moving towards the net and will receive another toss from the third tosser, returning it with a SET pass.
  5. After they pass the outside of the net, they will receive a ball from the first tosser on the other side of the court and will return it with a BUMP pass.
  6. They will then move back into the court and continue the same return pass cycle – bump, set, bump, set.
  7. The next player in line can begin once the player in front of them has made it through the first three tosses.

Coaching Tips

  • This works as a great skill developer, but you can also pick up the pace and make it a great conditioning drill as well.